The project was developed by two partners:




Juan Carlos Domínguez Serrano, Spanish economist. Currently runs Fiscalis Quo Lex, an economists office in Alicante that has been operating for more than 20 years working with leading firms in Spain. He also holds wide experience in the International Trade area has specialised in the Latin American market over the last 10 years has helped many companies accomplish different projects. From 2008 he started developing businesses in Cuba acquiring a rich background to deal with different kind of circumstances in the country.





Héctor Castro Santana, Cuban and Spanish attorney. He runs a Law office in Madrid and has more than 17 years of experience and holds knowledge of Spanish and Cuban legal systems as well as international experience law in general. The native understanding of the country itself, the Cuban way of life and the sometimes intricate regulations in order to access the tenders are key advantages that he has been using for the last ten years to provide companies interested in the Cuban market and its possibilities with a better way to approach situations in Cuba.